Next Tournament will be MGC members Only. Date in June to be decided. Will occur on MGC Friday. 



Due to COVID-19! Stay safe!

2020-05-23:  The Crescent Pointe Golf Club will be holding a Senior Men's Golf Association (SMGA) event on Monday, July 6th. Entry dates: 6/25 - 7/1. Contact Joe Macchia for details. MGC's Happy Monday golf event will be canceled or rescheduled after 1:30pm that day. See the Happy Monday golf event schedule on our Sign-Up page.

2020-05-18:  Crescent Pointe golf course is open under the new Covid-19 rules. Carts can take 2 golfers, flags no longer have 'no touch' inserts and rakes will be placed into sand traps. Gathering in groups is still discouraged. Stay Safe


2020-05-04:  On Friday, May 15th George Schaller is starting his Friday Night Couples outings. Couples can sign up for shotgun start at 5 PM. Play 9 holes of golf and then enjoy dinner with the group. Bring your own food for the pool pavilion or go out for dinner. Sign up from this website.

2020-04-06: As of yesterday afternoon, Greg K. and Joe M. had placed devices in the green holes that allow the ball to go into the cup 'a little'. Also bare spots have been circled allowing placing ball on grass without penalty. So regular putting is possible without touching the flag or the cup hole. Almost like real golf.


The three of us thought that sand trap play without raking did not effect the scores significantly. Hitting sand shots is possible without cheating much. All told--scores can be posted regularly as a result.


Thanks to the Handicap Committee for discussing posting considerations and setting up the course to comply with Covid-19 rules. Stay 6 feet apart during play and NO GATHERING before or after play.

Let's all stay safe and enjoy the reopened Crescent Golf course.    MGC Staff

2020-04-02: Sign Up Genius programs are again up and running for Happy Golf Monday, Women's 9 and Wine, Hallmark Golf on Wednesday, MGC Friday Men's golf and Thursday & Saturday Lady's golf. All Signups can be accessed from the MGC


HOWEVER, PERSON TO PERSON 6 FOOT DISTANCING IS TO BE REQUIRED. The clubhouse will provide sanitary single person carts during the corona virus restrictions. There should be no gathering in groups and no after game get togethers. There will be no money games. The various game administrators and/or the clubhouse will assign groupings. We must follow these guidelines to prevent shutting the course. Also let's all suspend close quarter camaraderie until corona virus bids adieu.


2020-03-20: While Crescent Pointe undergoes another week of maintenance March 23 to April 4, three outings at Eagles Pointe have been scheduled. Happy Monday, Hallmark Golf Wednesday and MGC Friday games have been added to their respective Sign Up Genius programs. Each outing will be 3 tee times for 12 players. Sign Up as usual for those days.


2020-03-20: NEW NEWS from the Pro Shop...With there being very little on the tee sheet, Scott (maintenance supervisor) requested that we close the course this Saturday, March 21 at noon to start course maintenance early. He has also requested an additional week of closure to fertilize and take advantage of this slow time to catch up on other maintenance issues. We will now reopen on the 6th of April. If all goes well, we will try to reopen sooner. Keep in mind Eagles Pointe will be open the entire time. I know there are a lot of changes going on so we appreciate your patience. 


2020-03-19: While Crescent Pointe undergoes maintenance March 23 to March 28, three outings at Eagles Pointe have been scheduled thanks to Keith Jennings. Happy Monday, Hallmark Golf Wednesday and MGC Friday games have been added to their respective Sign Up Genius programs. Each outing will be 3 tee times for 12 players. Sign Up as usual for those days.


2020-03-18: All MGC outings have been cancelled through April 30. The SignUpGenius sign-ups for all outings have been closed for this time period. The CPGC Pro Shop is keeping the time slots open for MGC members to call and reserve one of the time slots for your personal groups. So...stay safe but go out and play when you can.

Also...Palmer's Pub will be open normal hours while the course is closed next week. They are also willing to deliver meals to your home in The Crescent daily between 2pm and 5pm.  Call Charlotte at Palmer's Pub at 843-271-3222 for more information. 

2020-03-16: Due to the circumstances with the Coronavirus, we have decided to postpone our initial meeting with Scott Griffin until such time that the threat has been diminished. In the meantime, it sure would help if you take a little extra sand with you when playing golf, and fill those big divots in the fairways.


Additionally, Jeff South has volunteered to be a Team Leader on holes 16-18. Steve Arpaia will Team Lead on holes 4-6.  Being a Team Leader is a position of coordinating the volunteers and duties for your selected holes. Not a great deal of time...mostly communication. So, we still need Team Leaders for 1-3, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15. 


Please let me know if you can assist.


Stay safe everyone...more later.

Best Regards,
Greg Kingery


2020-03-15: Adopt-a-Hole Meeting is Tuesday morning starting at 9am at the clubhouse. Greg Kingery sent the following email this morning: This is a reminder of our Meeting this coming Tuesday morning at the Clubhouse commencing at 9am. We'd like volunteers to be 'Team Leaders' for the following groups of holes:

  1. 1-3

  2. 4-6  Steve Arpaia, Team Leader

  3. 7-9

  4. 10-12

  5. 13-15

  6. 16-18  Jeff South, Team Leader


A 'Team Leader' will coordinate within your group since we have in excess of 50 volunteers...easier to streamline in smaller groups. If you'd like to be a Team Leader, just let me know...Thanks for your participation....see you Tuesday morning at 9am.


Best Regards,
Greg Kingery
C: 513-515-8799

2020-03-04: New website has been published. Thanks to Ron Williams for his initiative and editing prowess. The MGC, Men’s Golf Club, is responsible for its content and the monies required to host and publish for the good of our Crescent community. Thank Ron when you see him.

2020-02-28: The launch date for NEW website is Saturday, Feb 29. Let's LEAP into the new updated site & have fun with it. 


2020-02-20: Tim & Scott made a presentation at today's Men's Club Breakfast covering a range of topics. The event was very well attended. Tim & Scott did an excellent job throughout and the Q&A portion was well received.​ A new membership plan was announced that should benefit players who are still working - Twilight Membership. Monthly or annual fee includes the cart fee. Details on the Pro Shop page.

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