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MGC Grounds/Greens Committee

The Grounds/Greens committee will monitor the Crescent Pointe Golf Course to observe playing conditions and make suggestions to Hallmark Management and the MGC Staff.

For 2021-2022 the Committee Members will be:

The committee, along with Hallmark staff, meet this morning to discuss current conditions and future plans.  Following is a summary:


The course has 6 full time employees plus a superintendent.



Cart Paths:  This is a major undertaking and expense, estimated at $300K.  

                    In the mean time, bad spots (uneven and broken concrete) will be marked and gravel raked where it has been either washed away or pushed out.


Greens:  The 5th green had nematodes, along with a cold and wet spring.

               Soil samples were taken and treatment applied to control the infestation.  It will be top dressed to smooth out the surface - with good weather it should improve soon.


Course modification:  Yes, approval is need from Arnold Palmer Golf for changes.


Bunkers:  There are only five that hold water.  This again is a major undertaking to rebuild.

                Sand will be added in hopes this helps.

                Waste bunkers are not raked - the plan is to have grass grow in.


Lagoons:  Trimming will begin soon. A person will be assigned starting on hole #1,  working their way around the course.


Storm debris:  Still remains an eyesore, now 4 years.  Further discussion is needed to address the problem.



Hallmark concerns:


              Need to restart the "adopt a hole".  Filling divots in the warmer weather will greatly help the fairways.

              Everyone must check in before playing.   

              Adhering to "cart path only" notifications and signage to exit the fairway.  If you can't walk when wet, don't play.  No riding on the higher ground.




John Ouellette

Jack Richards

Gary Perkins

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