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The Benefits of Joining The Men’s Golf Club of Crescent Pointe

Annual fee provides members with the following Rights and Privileges:

  1. Voting rights regarding rules and activity decisions within the Club.

  2. Right to participate in Wednesday’s Hallmark sponsored outings without being Hallmark Golf member.

  3. Right to participate in Friday’s MGC reserved tee time outings through the Sign Up Genius program. Friends and relatives of MGC member can be invited and added on the signup.

  4. Right to participate in MGC sponsored “Hole-In-One” insurance program on all Hallmark (or present owner) courses. MGC will pay for a H-I-O plaque and/or drinks for fellow MGC members not exceeding $150. One insurance pay out per person per year.

  5. Right to participate in MGC sponsored tournaments at Crescent Pointe and any away outings setup by MGC’s Tournament Committee.

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