Crescent Pointe Club Local Rules Sheet

Root Rules-- Applies when root impedes club contact with ball. Place ball one club length no closer to the hole. Standing on roots – No relief.

Course Debris-- Ball that comes to rest on or touching debris not in a hazard -player is allowed relief of one club length no closer to the hole.

Out Of Bounds-- Is defined by white stakes, course boundary and resident fences.  Areas not marked by white stake is defined as a lateral hazard. Replay shot plus one stroke or place in fairway one club length from rough and adjacent to where ball entered plus 2 strokes.

Water/Hazards-- Hole #2 if ball crosses the water hazard and touches land and then enters the water player will proceed to drop area. All other markings, Yellow and Red, follow USGA Rules.

Drop Areas-- Hole #2 marked on the other side of bridge

•                      Hole #5 marked right side of cart path near back of green

•                      Hole #9 marked other side of bridge

Cart Path-- Cart Paths including paths with dirt/gravel such as holes #1, 7, 9, and 11 (area as you approach green on right side) player is allowed relief of one club length no closer to the hole. 

Relief from Abnormal Playing Conditions:

USGA abnormal playing conditions video:

You may obtain relief from Abnormal Playing Conditions at Crescent Pointe:

  1. No grass where there should be-

  2. By-the-Green sand trap lies unraked or plugged-

  3. Waste bunkers not maintained properly-

  4. Caved in areas throughout the course-

  5. Other, at your discretion with partners agreeing.

Permission to take relief must be asked of and given by playing partners.

Putting-- During Tournament Events (Monday Game, Hallmark Wednesday, MGC Friday Game, etc.) all putts are to be holed out.