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  1. PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Crescent Pointe MGC is to promote the game of golf and its rules; and to encourage good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members through regularly scheduled Wednesday and Friday games, golf club events and group road trips.

  2. MEMBERS:  MGC membership is open to Crescent Point male residents and to those male members of Hallmark Golf or current course ownership.

  3. OFFICERS: (Serve one year terms beginning at their election)
    (a)  President: He is responsible for all MGC operations. His duties are to preside at MGC meetings; represent the MGC at meetings with Hallmark Golf, and other external groups. He will appoint committees such as; Greens or Clean-up, on an as needed basis. He will supervise our Webmasters on the MGC website (currently and Signup Genius for our M-W-F games and other signups plus all matters regarding site content.
    (b)  Tournament Chairman (and Vice President): He works with the President and Head Golf Pro to set the subsequent year’s playing calendar. The calendar includes Monday, Wednesday & Friday start times; Club events and new events proposed by the MGC. He will serve as MGC President in the President’s absence.
    (c)  Treasurer: He is responsible for collecting member dues, hole-in-one insurance, Holiday gift donations, and any other special money collections. He maintains the MGC bank account, pays all MGC bills and keeps accurate records of all MGC financial transactions.
    (d)  Handicap Committee: He is responsible for focusing on new GHIN handicap rules as they apply to Crescent Pointe Golf play. Monitoring handicaps from Blue, White, Members and Green tees. Works with the Handicap committee to keep MGC members current to any developments.
    (e)  Webmaster: He is responsible for maintaining the MGC sponsored website - He will assist in updating handicap records every Tuesday morning, list upcoming events on the website, and act as back-up on the Sign-Up-Genius accounts.


    (a)  The annual MCG membership fee is $20.
    (b)  Hole-in-one (H-I-O) Insurance:  The initial entry fee into the H-I-O pool is $25 which includes first year’s $10 dues. The subsequent annual fee for continued insurance is $10.
    If H-I-O insurance pool is depleted during the year of play another TBD payment might be due.
    (b)  The Treasurer’s record of who has paid membership dues and H-I-O insurance will appear on  MGC’s website.


  5. ANNUAL MEETING:  The annual meeting will occur around the last Friday of October. The time of the meeting will be approximately one hour after the Men’s Day game is over. End of year reports will be made by each Officer. Next year’s MGC Officers will be elected. Once elected, their terms are active.

  6. VOTING RULES:  Each dues-paying member is allowed one vote. A quorum of at least 50% of MGC members must be present to vote on any issue. Once a quorum is established, voting may proceed.
    (a)  Constitution and By-Laws (and Amendments thereto) require a 2/3 vote of the attending MGC members for adoption. Proxy votes sent to the President can be read and counted for the vote.
    (b) All other issues brought up for MGC vote require a simple majority vote to pass. Proxy votes sent to the President can be read and counted for the vote.

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